The Cycle of Writing: Something New Every Day

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The course of my day is entirely dependent on my class schedule. My classes are night-only, meaning I have the entire day to work, or get some writing done, or do nothing but play video games all day, as the case may be. This leaves me bright-eyed and ready to write in the evenings (rather than the perpetual fog of grogginess in which I stumbled about during my undergraduate years, plagued with 8 AM classes throughout the week).

Based on these considerately timed classes, what I write will vary throughout the week. Early in the week, my work is strictly memoir in nature: I will pen creative nonfiction in class and prepare a larger submission for workshopping every few weeks. Midweek, I attend the graduate writing class with the rest of the MFA students in my year, writing personal essays and stories connected to our assigned reading material. And towards the end of the school week, we critique one another’s fiction and discuss the work of published authors in a short fiction workshop.

The effect that this (coupled with the writings of a more academic or professional nature which I do for the university when I’m at work) has impressed upon me is that, unlike in undergraduate school, writing is integral here, and it will continue to be so from here on out. Of course, I take no issue with that. It’s all good practice. And the evening classes aren’t exactly a dealbreaker either.


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