Rendering AWP by Mindy Kronenberg–Alumni Spotlight

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Rendering AWP

After Thomas Lux


Rein them in:  11,000 poets, scribblers,

soothsayers, troubadours, jesters,

novelists, and flashers descending upon Chicago,

wrangle their dreams, muses, whispers

and Howls, gather them in, stir a cauldron

of each determined vision,

the sages on the stage, the ragers on the page,

wandering the endless carpeted halls

and pouring from elevators to churn

a kaleidoscope in the great hotel lobby,

then fill a field of folding chairs

under the clouds of crystal chandeliers,

gather them up from gold-gilt corners

where they coil around the oracles of ipads, laptops

furrowed and entranced,

rein in the music of their fevers, their heartaches,

the new found adventures of their imaginary selves,

the soldiers of the Academy, the scholars of the streets,

cup the distillation of their sweat, the perfume

of language rising from shirt sleeves, collars,

from under baseball caps, fedoras, and do rags

the gelled, combed, tinted, and braided  coifs

leaning into voices that echo through ballrooms

on poetic mayhem, purloined letters,

flickering narratives and graphic lives,

the queer slant of light, the shadow of noir,

stolen conversations, standup in the classroom,

epic libation and a shot glass of images,

go forth and unleash the burning narrative,

render the useless riches, the priceless debris,

to stir as many words into the wind

as this city can hear.


Mindy Kronenberg

  1. Julie Sheehan says:

    Oh yeah, that’s it EXACTLY. The AWP experience, rendered beautiful…

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