Kevin Costner– Good Enough by Mary Ellen Walsh

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Many women nearing midlife have a thing for Kevin Costner.  Dances with Wolves, need I say more?

After delivering a heart-wrenching, 17-minute speech at fallen diva Whitney Houston’s funeral, he catapulted to an ageless grace and gave Whitney dignity as she was laid to rest.

Have we ever heard a better speech more eloquently written and delivered with humility, sincerity and reverence for craft and life itself.

Costner touched upon things that we as writers (too) face every day: fear, nerves, doubt.  Costner also tapped into ravaging insecurities of an artistic woman.

Here’s an excerpt 11 minutes into the speech.

As Whitney screen tested for her role in The Bodyguard, she had reapplied her make-up, which, within minutes, ran under the hot movie lights.  Costner asked why she’d done that

“… she seemed so small and sad at that moment and I asked her why she did it.  She said, ‘I just wanted to look my best.’   It’s a tree we could all hang from the inexplicable burden that comes with fame.  Call it doubt.   Call it fear.  I’ve had mine and I know the famous in the room have had theirs.  I asked her to trust me, and she said she would.  A half hour later she went back in to do her screen test and the studio fell in love with her.   The Whitney I knew despite her success and world-wide fame still wondered: am I good enough, am I pretty enough, will they like me—it was the burden that made her great and the part that caused her to stumble in the end… “

When facing that blank screen, know that you’re not alone in second guessing yourself and push past it.  No word is ever wasted.

Watch Costner’s full speech.


Mary Ellen Walsh is a first-year fiction MFA student working on a rock ‘n roll love story “Till Now” set on Long Island.   As a freelance writer and PR / social media maven, Walsh has written about anything from cockroaches to the healing power of music.

Mostly, she is a lifestyle feature writer touching on health, women’s issues and artists’ profiles: books, authors, musicians and visual artists, published in: Newsday, New York Daily News, LI Pulse, Long Island Press, Wellness, Family, LI Parenting News, and elsewhere. Walsh penned “Eat Out, Eat Right” in Wellness magazine and “Mewsings” on which won first and second place 2011 Press Club Media Awards from the Society of Professional Journalists (PCLI) for humor column.

  1. theflojomojo says:

    Probably one of the best moments of that entire funeral.

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    Hey, I just stopped by to visit your website and thought I’d say thanks for having me.

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